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While He is Drinking



Halhan ( Animator )       ZhiQing /NOC( Art designer)

JiaQu ( Programmer )         ZiHan ( Audio Director )

BinYuan ( Joker / Sleeping Beauty)


  Special thanks to:                                     

Gina Hara ( Voice Actress & Text Checker )

Kalervo Sinervo ( Voice Actor )

The Lord of Village (Art Assistant)



How to play:

Follow Your Heart.


It is a Narrative Game based on a few interactions, which about finding three pieces of a girl`s memory. Using “W” “A” ”S” ”D”to do the right thing in the suitable time, and then see how the memory spread.


Something that shouldn`t be here:

Level 1: “W”hold the bottom, and “A” pour the wine for Uncle.

Level 2: “WASD”move the Ladybug to light up somethings.

Level 3: “WASD”move Girl catching Cat.

Level 4: “A”and“D” play with Cat.



While he is drinking.zip 28 MB


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This game is fantastic! The story is heart-warming and almost made me cry at the end. The graphics look great and the voice-acting is good. I like how the uncle tried to cheer her up, but he doesn’t know how to do it very well. I would recommend this game to everyone. 10 / 10.